To become a quality

Christian educational institution for

Excellence, Integrity, and Service

based on

Faith, Knowledge, and Love.

To develop student’s potential through Holistic Education

with a conducive environment to learning with

Conviction, Trust, Love

for others in order for them to be globally competitive and productive citizens.


We believe each child has the right to learn. So, we will provide the opportunity for them to actualize and progress to achieve knowledge and skills needed.


We believe each child has the ability to grow and to apply the obtained knowledge in their life. So we will train them how to succeed


We believe each child has potential so we will support and encourage them to believe that they can.


We believe each child has a God given dream so we will provide for them the pathway to pursue their dreams .

Alumni Testimonials

The 6 years I spent in PENABUR Secondary Kelapa Gading have been the most transformative part of my life journey, where my academic and leadership skills were immensely developed in a Christian based education, Being admitted to Oxford had always been my dream and PENABUR equipped me with the best competence to attain it.

Kezia T. Susanto

A Level Graduate 2019, Jardine Scholarship Awardee 2019, Engineering Science at University of Oxford,

My time spent at PENABUR Secondary Kelapa Gading helped me to become a diligent, well-rounded student that understands the value of communication and working as a team. I am forever grateful to God, my parents, and all of my teachers that have showed incridible dedication and care to help me grow and develop, not only as a student, but also as an individual.

Philip S. Haryanto

A Level Graduate 2020, Asean Undergraduate Scholarship (AUS) Scholarship Awardee Chemical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Studying in PENABUR Secondary Tanjung Duren has allowed me to broaden my academic skiil and also hone my personal skills (more responsible, better management and communication skills). Thus, I believe that PENABUR Secondary Tanjung Duren is truly a hub for both academic and individual growth.

Natasha Suryawinata

A Level Graduate 2018, School of Law, Nagoya University

PSTD will push you to your limits academically, but it also offers  a tight-knit community that helps you grow both as a person and a student.  Each of us is given personalized  guidance and support.

Albert Johansen Lay

A Level Graduate 2020, Computer Science (Co-Op), University of Waterloo

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