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PENABUR International, part of BPK PENABUR schools, is designed to meet the needs of leading students, implementing the international curriculum (Cambridge and GAC/ACT), and national curriculum (double degree), and using of English language at school. The teaching-learning process jump4loves.com/russian-mail-order-bride/ enables students to be more independent and self confident, ready to continue their studies in all major English speaking universities throughout the world.


BPK PENABUR Jakarta as one of the educational institutions in Indonesia, called to participate in the preparation of this nation in order to become world-class citizens by providing good quality of education.  Besides we are having a regular national program, BPK PENABUR Jakarta also provides Bilingual program, International class (RSBI) and International school.


OPEN ENROLLMENT 2013-2014 starting September 28, 2015, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.  For information and registration details, please contact our school administration officers.

  • PENABUR International, Kelapa Gading

Primary: 4584 0601 and Secondary: 4584 0602

  • PENABUR International, Tanjung Duren

Secondary: 560 2042 or 560 1170

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